By Norm Goldstein

ISBN-10: 0917360249

ISBN-13: 9780917360244

The spiral-bound sort guide is an important instruction manual for all writers, editors, scholars and public family experts.

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Use the last name, however, if the seriousness of the story calls for it, as in a murder case, for example. For ages 16 and 17, use judgment, but generally go with the surname unless it’s a light story. Use the surname for those 18 and older. Avoid kids as a universal synonym, unless the tone of the story dictates less formal usage. Chile The nation. chili, chilies The peppers. chilly Moderately cold. China When used alone, it refers to the mainland nation. Use it in datelines and other routine references.

Bologna The sausage. Baloney is foolish or exaggerated talk. bona fide bonbon bonds See loan terminology in Business Guidelines section. boo-boo Books on Tape A trademark for a brand of audiotapes. Use a generic term such as audiotape or audiocassette. book titles See composition titles. 3/5/05 8:48:01 AM 32 borscht Bosnia-Herzegovina The country has been divided into a Bosnian Serb republic and a Muslim-Croat federation since 1995. Both have wide autonomy but share a common presidency, parliament and government.

See the colored entry. Black Muslims See Muslim(s). blackout, brownout A blackout is a total power failure over a large area or the concealing of lights that might be visible to enemy raiders. The term rolling blackout is used by electric companies to describe a situation in which electric power to some sections temporarily is cut off on a rotating basis to assure that voltage will meet minimum standards in other sections. A brownout is a small, temporary voltage reduction, usually from 2 percent to 8 percent, 3/5/05 8:48:01 AM 31 implemented to conserve electric power.

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