By James; Andrews, Ronald Frith

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2, The little is considered to shows one of these weapons which was converted to percussion. As these devote a This pistols are scarce, we wdll space to a description. two inches in length and No. 120 bore. They are attached to a solid breeching which has a projecting spindle, which fits the body of the pistol and is held there by a thumbscrew, whilst another thumbscrew governs the firing position of the barrels. The barrels barrels are [50] ANTIQUE PISTOL COLLECTING are numbered one to seven, the seventh barrel being placed in line with the central axis of the breeching and the remainder arranged around circumference.

It has been said that there would be at Being interested in chemistry, he knew that the fulminates of mercury and silver and mixtures containing potassium chlorate had the property of spontaneous ignition if struck between two hard surfaces. Several French chemists were experimenting their mixtures also, but were unstable and accidents occurred. Forsyth eventually discovered that only a small blow was necessary to set off a was compound of mercury prepared from chloride of potash. It so fast-burning, however, that in the touch-hole.

Colt set These London Colts were sold in the usual wooden complete v^dth cleaning and loading tools. lengths. cases The English gunsmiths were prevented by patent from coppng certain Colt features, such as the action and the partitions between the nipples, and also the The English weapons had no partitions more than one chamber to be set off by mechanical rammer. was not unknown for sparks from the percussion cap and it 'creeping' to the caps on either side of it. The partitions prevented this occurring and proved a great seUing feature.

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