By Cedrick Ansorge

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This thesis offers a examine of robust stratification and turbulence cave in within the planetary boundary layer, starting a brand new street during this box. it's the first paintings to review all regimes of stratified turbulence in a unified simulation framework with out a holiday within the paradigms for illustration of turbulence.

To date, advances in our realizing and the parameterization of turbulence within the strong boundary layer were hampered through problems simulating the strongly stratified regime, and the research has essentially been in accordance with box measurements. The content material offered the following alterations that paradigm by means of demonstrating the facility of direct numerical simulation to deal with this challenge, and through doing so that you could get rid of the uncertainty of turbulence types from the research. applying a stably stratified Ekman layer as a simplified actual version of the strong boundary layer, the 3 stratification regimes saw in nature— weakly, intermediately and strongly stratified—are reproduced, and the information is thus used to reply to key, long-standing questions.

The major a part of the ebook is geared up in 3 sections, specifically a accomplished advent, numerics, and physics. The thesis ends with a transparent and concise end that distills particular implications for the research of the good boundary layer. This constitution emphasizes the actual effects, yet even as offers relevance to the technical elements of numerical schemes and post-processing instruments. the choice of the appropriate literature through the advent, and its use alongside the paintings adequately combines literature from study groups: fluid dynamics, and boundary-layer meteorology.

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