By Khenchen Thrangu

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During this new booklet, Khenchen Thrangu offers an exhaustive observation at the longest and so much finished of the 3 vintage treatises on Mahamudra composed by way of the sixteenth-century student Wangchuk Dorje, the 9th Karmapa. Khenchen Thrangu's teachings surround the whole course of Mahamudra, together with the preliminaries, the most perform, elimination stumbling blocks, and reaching the results of buddhahood—with particular guideline in tranquility and perception meditation. this is often the single on hand quantity that offers Khenchen Thrangu's targeted statement in this complete textual content.

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Again this helps the air in the central and side channels to flow properly. The hook straightens the channels and modulates the air rising in them so there are fewer thoughts and therefore greater stability. " This is the vajra posture, which is like latticework and is beneficial for stability of mind. " The meditation belt holds the meditator in the appropriate posture. " Two of the Sanskrit vowels, rf and 1{, are a little tighter and harder to say than the Tibetan vowels. One practices in a way similar to these, and with this tight posture and controlled state, stability, warmth, and bliss can arise.

But when we make the mind peaceful and relaxed through meditation, a state of dullness naturally occurs. There is usually a loss of clarity when we enter a peaceful and stable state, and that state can increase and become stupor. If it progresses even further, it becomes drowsiness and finally sleep. When one is in a state of dullness, subtle thoughts are still occurring. Sometimes these thoughts can take form, so that one sees all kinds of things. A meditator might think this is a meditation experience, but in fact, it's just a state of dullness, in which all kinds of 41 THE MAIN PRACTICE: SHAMATHA shapes, colors, or fonns can appear.

They never stop arising. Essential Points of the Main Meditation This is because of the ground consciousness, which maintains the continuity of the transitory consciousnesses. So the sixth consciousness never comes to a complete cessation. Although it may cease, it continues to arise from the ground consciousness. Shamatha meditation quells strong, coarse thoughts so that the sixth consciousness becomes stable and relaxed. However, in the relaxed state of shamatha, the mind's clarity does not come to an end, since the eighth consciousness is ever-present; thus, there is an unceasing clarity.

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