By Emilia Bazan-Salazar

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ISBN-13: 9780071447317

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In keeping with its author's four-year research and 15 years of expertise in Alzheimer's and dementia-related care, Alzheimer's actions That Stimulate the brain is the one publication providing workouts applicable to every of the 4 phases of the sickness. It positive aspects countless numbers of routines throughout an array of parts and disciplines, together with arts and crafts, group outings, actual task, faith and spirituality, grooming, gardening, song, and plenty of extra.

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Glue the holiday designs and patterns here and there to the streamers. Goals: Opportunity to involve everyone in a holiday celebration; outlet for creativity; maintain and improve restorative skills and f ine motor coordination Adaptation: Simply by changing the color scheme you can adapt this activity for any occasion. Ⅲ Pink and white streamers with red hearts for Valentine’s Day Ⅲ Green and white streamers with shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day Ⅲ Pastel streamers with colored eggs and bunnies for Easter 28 Alzheimer’s Activities That Stimulate the Mind Ⅲ Red, white, and blue streamers with silver foil stars for the Fourth of July Ⅲ Orange and black streamers with ghosts, black cats, and pumpkins for Halloween Ⅲ Red and green streamers with bells, candy canes, trees, stars, snowmen, wreaths, globe-shaped ornaments, and snowflakes for Christmas Ⅲ Silver, black, and gold streamers with year numbers, champagne flutes, hats, and noisemakers for New Year’s Marble Painting Stages: One through Four Location: Inside or outdoors Equipment: Plastic half-gallon or one-gallon ice cream pail; construction paper; pencil; scissors; poster paints; four or f ive marbles; a painter’s bib Description of Activity Ⅲ Place the pail on the construction paper and trace around the bottom.

The scissors will slide down between the two cardboard circles while you cut. Ⅲ Cut a piece of yarn about eight inches long. Wrap the yarn between the two layers of cardboard and draw it tight. Tie the yarn f irmly into a knot. Ⅲ Being very careful not to cut the yarn, cut all the way through the cardboard to the center in several places. Gently pull the cardboard pieces loose from the pom-pom and fluff out yarn. The fuzzy ball now appears. Arts and Crafts 37 Goals: Exercise; social interaction; maintain and improve handeye coordination Adaptation: This is another great activity to involve any children in the household.

Cover the work area with newspaper. Ⅲ Mix the varnish and turpentine together, and stir in the powdered gold. Ⅲ Paint the flowers and leaves with the liquid mixture, and then stick the stems into the Styrofoam so the flowers can dry without touching. Ⅲ Clean the brush and work area immediately in turpentine. Ⅲ Arrange dry flowers in decorative containers. Goals: Create a simple, attractive gift or room decoration that can make use of discarded plastic flowers; maintain and improve hand-eye coordination; build self-esteem Adaptation: For an attractive container, make a vase out of any suitable item using Tissue Paper Collage (see page 49).

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