By K. Siegbahn

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Mandelstam, Dispersion Relations in Strong-coupling Physics (Bergen International School o f G Physics, Course notes, 1962). S. Mandelstam, Reports on Progress in Physics 25 (ed. A . C. Stickland; Institute o f Physics and Physical Society, L o n d o n , 1962) p. 99. C H . II INTERACTION OF y-RADIATION W I T H MATTER J 1 Cf(z)dz f(a) = -, Ρ ±>— πι J ζ — a 41 (7) — 00 where f(z) is an analytic function of the complex variable ζ. Ρ denotes that it is a principal value integral, and the integration is around a contour going from — oo to + o o along the real axis, except for a small semicircle about the point a, and back to —oo via an infinite semicircle in Im ζ > 0.

I 25 determines the coefficients. With this method it is possible to analyse complex spectra. 53 We refer the reader for this method to the article of Katz and Penfold . When one is very careful, the energy can be determined with an accuracy of about 5 %. INTERACTION OF oc-PARTICLES The electromagnetic interaction of α-particles with matter is similar to that of electrons of same kinetic energy with regard to scattering, but to such of same velocity with regard to energy loss. Therefore the behaviour is mainly determined by the energy loss.

Hall, R e v s . Modern Phys. 8 (1936) 358. R. T. McGinnies, X-ray Attenuation Coefficients from 10 k e V t o 100 M e V , N a t l . Bur. Standards 19 Supplement t o Circular 583 (1959). F. Sauter, A n n . Physik 11 (1931) 454. 44 C H . II C . M. DAVISSON 4 y (y-2) 3 y+ 1 2 2 (13) 2y (y - 11)* y - (y - 1 ) 7 2y(y 2 2 2 1 720 Here y = 1/(1 — β )* = (Λν + mc )/mc , β = v/c with ν the photoelectron velocity, 1 and the other symbols have been defined above. In the limit of high 2energy Hall » 15 developed an equation which has since been shown to be incorrect .

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