By W. Austyn Mair, David L. Birdsall

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For a given flight speed the strength of the vortex sheet is proportional to the lift developed by the wing and so is a consequence of the lift, but it also influences the development of lift at the wing because the vorticity induces a velocity field at the wing that is vertically downward (when the flight path is horizontal) and is called The drag /lift ratio 13 Induced downwash velocity at wing . 4. Drag due to trailing vortex sheet. the downwash. 4. The lift vector is normal to the local velocity vector and is tilted back by the angle ah giving a force component Dy = Lax which is parallel to the true flight direction and is thus a drag force.

Thus the minimum thrust power increases with height. 2.

Now suppose that from the equilibrium speed Ve+ there is a positive speed perturbation of AV^. To maintain the same intercept (rising to the point b) the thrust required would be greater than that available, thus there would be a thrust deficit and the speed would fall back to its original value. 12. Intercepts used to explain speed stability. 28 Basic flight theory maintenance of a constant intercept for the same positive speed perturbation AVe (dropping to the point c) would require a thrust smaller than that available.

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