By Gary Bristow

ISBN-10: 0071396098

ISBN-13: 9780071396097

* A accomplished research advisor offering pilots the solutions they should excel on their technical interview
* gains approximately a thousand capability questions (and solutions) which may be requested in the course of the technical interview for pilot positions
* large scope--ranges from mild plane via heavy jet operations
* Culled from interviewing practices of best airways world wide
* contains interviewing suggestions and methods

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2. On a thin swept wing, ailerons that are too large will experience a high degree of air loading/lift, resulting in the wing twisting at high speeds that can produce aileron reversal (removes aileron roll control), which is very detrimental. (See Q: What is aileron reversal (adverse), and when is it likely to occur? ) 3. Ailerons tend to lose effectiveness at high speeds due to the spanwise diagonal airflow across the aileron, which is less effective than a perpendicular airflow. 4. High-speed swept-winged aircraft cause a strong rolling moment with yaw, known as adverse rolling moment with yaw.

The disadvantage of rollcontrol spoilers is that they cause an overall loss of lift, which may cause a loss of height and is particularly undesirable when flying close to the ground. As air speed brakes: The spoilers are raised symmetrically on both wings to a flight detent position (using the speed brake lever), which causes a large increase in drag that slows down the speed of the aircraft. Note. Buffet is usually experienced with spoiler (speed brake) deployment. As ground lift dumpers: The spoilers are raised systematically on both wings to the ground detent position (greater angle than the flight detent position), which causes a large increase in drag that (1) decreases lift over the wing, causing the aircraft to sink to the ground, and (2) acts as ground speed brakes to slow down the speed of the aircraft.

Reverse thrust (ground use only) 5. Braking parachute What causes/are wing-tip vortices? Wing-tip vortices are created by span-wise airflow over the upper and lower surfaces of a wing/aerofoil that meet at the wing tips as turbulence and therefore induces drag, especially on a swept wing. ,. , ,, I I , ,. , , , I I I I . I I + I I I I . 8 Span-wise airflow/vortices on the wing. Span-wise airflow is created because a wing producing lift has a lower static pressure on the upper surface than on the lower surface.

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