By Harry Harrison

ISBN-10: 0523485050

ISBN-13: 9780523485058

ISBN-10: 0575071346

ISBN-13: 9780575071346

A steel street less than the ocean isn't any longer a dream. Captain Augustine Washington and his group of navvies are already using the tunnel below the Atlantic in an heroic feat of development. For Gus, a descendant of the notorious George Washington, achieved as a traitor after the conflict of Lexington, this is often the chance to redeem the kinfolk identify. yet his attractive fiancee has been pressured to finish their engagement, and there's a ruthless and sinister plot to smash the tunnel - and Gus himself...

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Was that what they had in mind? Would they leave him here to die? But why, who were they, what did they want? They wanted to kill him. He knew that as soon as they dropped him to the cold metal of the deck and wrestled with the handles of the doorway beside him, the same one that Alec Durell had gone through in Southampton. But there he had a fall of twenty-five feet to an unwanted bath. Here there were 12,000 feet of fall to brutal death. With a heave the door was thrown open and the three-hundred mile an hour slipstream tore through the opening, drowning out even the roar of the four great engines.

The Iroquois, forced by law to check tomahawks and scalping knives at the city limits, or leave them at home if they were residents, found a ready substitute in the table knives from the grill. The Irish, equally restricted in the public display of shillelaghs, and blackthorn sticks above a certain weight, found bottles and chair legs a workable substitute and joined the fray. War whoops mixed with the names of saints and the Holy Family as they clashed. There were no deaths or serious maimings, since the object of the exercise was pleasure, but there were certainly broken heads and bones and at least one scalp taken, the token scalp of a bit of skin and hair.

Other machines now took their place upon the ocean floor. There was an ugly device with a funnel-like proboscus that spat gravel into the ditch, but this had finished as well and also backed away and the silt raised by its disturbance quickly settled. Now the final work had begun, the reason for all this subaqueous excavation. Floating downwards towards the newly-dug trench and the bed of gravel on which it was to rest was the ponderous and massive form of a preformed tunnel section. Tons of concrete and steel reinforcing rods had gone into the construction of this hundred foot section, while coat after coat of resistant epoxies covered it on the outside.

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