By Audrey Thomson, Agnes Martinet

The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They comprise a solution key.

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Bu t. ] 6> filltJ' A fi nal mu te -e disappea rs: ripe -filmt. in t he positive, is sounded ill the comparat ive and superla ti ve: near - nearer _ nee-est . @The sou nd [gJ is added alter rlJl in strOllg - strongel' _ sJI'ongest , and in long and young. g. aW, - aW, r _ ablest: SImple - wlfpler - simp lest. tit'e better bes t worse • worst • less (lesser) leas t nearer neares t (next) more most farther (further) farthest (furthest) later (latter) latest (last) older (elder) oldest [eldes t] outer (utter) ou tmos t (u tmost] outermost [uttermost] up permost up per inmost, in ner most Inner foremost, fi rst forme r I I ncl lldi ng ~' [..

Support your answer by examples . VII Wh ich o,t the following ad jecth-es ca n be 11 ~ (Il) only p~ed,~atl\"ely, (b). onl y attributh'ely, (e) eith er pre, dic atively or attnbutively ? -en, d ist urbed , major, lonely, agog, happy, dutifu l. d. B. s,. hen use:d ,I' adj cc ti ~ es. are pronounced as lSS)llabtes [ l~,nld . :oly. 1II 0/ A Jj cctit"( s CHAPTER S IS E ( CO ~l PARI SO:\ OF A U j ECT I \ 'E Sj When one thing is compar~ or c~ntrasted with ~other (or oth ers) m respec t of a cert ain attribute, we use an mflect ior called CO~PAR ISO N' .

4) A lake is usuall y less rough than a sea (5) After that heavy rain the grASS is less brown th an it was a week ago. (6) Joan ~ms less afraid of wasp" than of spiders. ie>lt; ellil; beauti ful; sty, uueJ; jelle,,; conjlanl; plla5a"l; afflJid ; wi cked ; f ood. jth an ad jective in t he correct degree: (1) )IaT)' is 5 ft . : J oan IS ~ ft . 8 in. Which is t he _ 0 1 the twO? {l} John is eighteen yeus old , Arth ur is nmeteen and J ames IS twenty -one- Joh n is the and James is t he _ . (3) What was your wont and su bject Al school?

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