By Padmasambhava & Jamgon Mipham

A Garland of perspectives offers either a concise statement by way of the eighth-century Indian Buddhist grasp Padmasambhava on a bankruptcy from the Guhyagarbha Tantra at the diversified Buddhist and non-Buddhist philosophical perspectives, together with the nice Perfection (Dzogchen), and an explicative remark on Padmasambhava’s textual content by way of the nineteenth-century student Jamgön Mipham (1846–1912).

Padmasambhava’s textual content is a center textual content of the Nyingma culture since it presents the root for the method of 9 autos (three sutra automobiles and 6 tantra cars) that for that reason grew to become the authorized approach of classifying different Buddhist paths within the Nyingma tradition.

Mipham’s statement is the single most ordinarily used to give an explanation for Padmasambhava’s educating. Mipham is widely known for his prolific, lucid, and unique writings on many matters, together with technology, drugs, and philosophy, as well as Tibetan Buddhist perform and concept.

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Its objects, phenomena both compounded and uncompounded, are, by nature, Samantabhadrī, matrix of all phenomena. All the things just mentioned have primordially the nature of perfect, manifest buddha. This is not something newly accomplished through the practice of the path. Thus, there are no phenomena, whether compounded or uncompounded (the ten directions, the three times, the three worlds, and so on), that exist separately from one’s own mind. As it is said: Discerning consciousness, our mind, Is just the buddhas and the bodhisattvas.

They are spontaneously present in the state of great sameness, beyond acceptance and rejection. Therefore samsaric existence itself is, from the beginning, spontaneously present as the characteristic of nirvāṇa, the nature of unsurpassable buddhahood. This actualization of the wheel of inexhaustible ornaments—the enlightened body, speech, and mind—is the ultimate purpose. For this, one must strive in yogic practice, in which the branches of approach, close approach, accomplishment, and great accomplishment are spontaneously present.

It is our hope that after repeated study of the Buddhist teachings, our readers will truly find in this translation the refreshment for their memories that Guru Padmasambhava intended and that they will be able to absorb the blessings of his words of truth, however much these may have been distorted and attenuated by our own very limited understanding of them. The translation of this work would have been impossible without the generous advice and support of our teachers, in particular Pema Wangyal Rinpoche and Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche.

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A Garland of Views by Padmasambhava & Jamgon Mipham

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