By Klaus-Dieter Mathes

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The gathering of twenty-six texts on non-conceptual awareness is the results of mixing the essence and tantric mahamudra teachings of Saraha, Nagarjuna and Savaripa with a specific type of Madhyamaka philosophy, referred to as 'non-abiding' (apratisthana), which goals at notably transcending any conceptual evaluate of precise fact. This target is accomplished by way of "withdrawing one's cognizance" (amanasikara) from something that consists of the duality of a perceived and perceiver. the result's a "luminous self-empowerment," Maitripa's (986-1063) ultimate tantric research of amanasikara. the gathering of texts on non-conceptual recognition performs a vital function, because it constitutes, including Naropa's teachings, the most resource of bKa' brgyud lineages. The variation and translation of this assortment is through one other textual content attributed to Maitripa, the *Mahamudrakanakamala, which used to be translated through Mar pa Lo tsa ba Chos kyi blo gros (11th century) into Tibetan. The *Mahamudrakanakamala alternatives up at the issues of the gathering and exhibits that each one features of Maitripa's mahamudra have been certainly handed directly to early bKa' brgyud masters. along with an English translation and research, the current booklet features a new version of the on hand Sanskrit at the foundation of the editio princeps through Haraprasad Shastri, the version of the learning workforce of Sacred Tantric Texts at Taisho collage, the Nepalese manuscript NGMPP B 22/24, and the manuscript no. 151 from the Todai college Library. The Tibetan variation of all texts relies at the Derge and Peking bsTan 'gyur and the dPal spungs version of Karmapa VII Chos grags rgya mtsho's (1454-1506) choice of Indian Mahamudra Works (Phyag rgya chen po'i rgya gzhung).

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Cit. , 176b4_6 : ri 'i mchog la bzhugs pa 'i rgyal ba ri khrod pa 1 1 gzhu dang ri dwags phag pa ma yin sprul pa ste I zla ba gang ba bzhin du 'jig rten na ni mchog tu mdzes 1 1 sprul pa 'i gzugs kyi skye bo thams cad mgu byed pa 1 1 dge dang sdig pa gang la yang 1 1 mi mthun gnyen po khyod ma brten 1 1 rang rig ye shes seng ge bzhin I 9 1 Op. cit. , 1 76b6 - l 77a2 : zhes pas kyang yid ma ches pa la 1 1 chos bshad pa 'i gling du chos bshad pa la nam mkha ' lta bu 'i rgyud rnyog pa med pa 1 1 rgya mtsho lta bu 'i rgyud gsang ba 'dus pa dang 1 1 ye shes lta bu 'i rgyud gyes pa rdo rje dang 1 1 byin brlabs lta bu 'i rgyud 'khor lo sdom pa rnams tshig cig dang gnyis su bka ' stsal 1 1 do ha la sogs pa 'i chos bshad nas khyod nga la ma dad cing the tshom (text: tsom) skyes pas tshe 'di nyid la sangs mi rgya bar rdo rje rnal 'byor mas lung bstan nas sangs rgya 'o gsungs II MAITRIPA ' S LIFE STORY 37 Advayavajra, Avadhufipa, how is it possible to forget things which have not arisen?

1 04 Tib . : lhag pa 'i bsam pas mos pa 'i sbyor b a impli� s that "proper intention" i s integral to the following "practice of conviction" (reading: "practice of conviction on the basis of proper intention"), but the Kudr�finirghatana[fka treats asaya as a different stage. 42 THE AMANASIKARA CYCLE practice of conviction, the practice following the attainment of [bodhi­ sattva] -levels, and finally, having gained power over the following [five concerns: defilements, appearances, karman, means, and causing sen­ tient beings to ripen] .

Cit. , 175a6 -b 1 : I de nas na Zen dra 'i shar sgo 'i sgo srungs rad na a ka ra (=Ratnakara§anti) la sems tsam gyi grub mtha ' lo cig gsan pas mkhas par gyur 1 1 gzhan yang pa fJ¢i ta dznya na shri (=Jiianasrimitra) la phyi nang gnyis kyi chos la gnyis gsan I I de nas slob dpon sha nti pa la mkhan po zhus nas bsnyen rdzags mdzad nas 1 1 'dul ba 'i sde snod lo drug gsan I According to the Sanskrit manuscript, Maitripa surprisingly took full ordination only at Vikramapura• in the Sarµmafiya order receiving the name Maitrigupta.

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