By Klaus-Dieter Mathes

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The significant Indian treatise on Buddha nature is the Ratnagotravibhaga, sometimes called the Uttaratantra, and it really is this middle textual content that Klaus-Dieter Mathes specializes in during this publication. Mathes demonstrates how its writer, Gö Lotsawa, ties the lessons on Buddha nature in with mainstream Mahayana notion whereas warding off the pitfalls of the zhentong strategy favourite by means of the Jonang culture. He additionally evaluates Gö Lotsawa’s place on Buddha nature opposed to the historical past of interpretations by means of masters of the Kagyü, Nyingma, and Jonang schools.

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235 Thus, Tsen Kawoche points out that his Kashmiri teacher Sajjana already adhered to a distinction between the real and imputed in the last dharmacakra, which was taken to have definitive meaning. According to an important collection of one hundred instructions (khrid) preserved by Jonang Kiinga Drolchog Oo nang Kun dga' grol mchog) (1507-66), Tsen Kawoche said with regard to the "instruction" of zhentong: 236 Sajjana, the pawJita from Kashmir, made the very significant statement that the Victorious One turned the dharmacakra three times.

Han cig skyes pa) that has been ascertained in yourself, the natural mind as the path, without being VARIOUS TRADITIONS OF INTERPRETING BUDDHA NATURE 41 separated from any of the three [aspects of the mahamudra teaching]: view, conduct, and meditation. 194 For Gampopa, this direct approach is supreme and of definitive meaning, in that it is based on direct perception as opposed to inferences, as on the general Mahayana path. Sometimes Gampopa even criticizes ordinary Vajrayana for descending to the level of conceptualization, 195 and in so doing goes one step further than Sahajavajra, who unreservedly accepts the superiority ofVajrayana over mahamudra pith instructions.

Of particular interest is, in this respect, Loden Sherab's commentary on RGV I. 51, 135 in which he restricts the statement of being naturally endowed with qualities to the very pure state in which these qualities are not experienced as something disconnected. , the buddha qualities) in the very pure state is acceptable. This means that the true nature is not tarnished when qualities suddenly manifest, nor is [this nature] experienced as being separate from any natural[ly endowed] qualities, in the same way as it [cannot] be established as something that possesses a particular qualitative feature that did not exist before in the impure state, for.

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