By Larry Fine

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Offering checklist costs for many piano manufacturers and versions, in addition to recommendation on the right way to estimate real highway costs, this annual complement to the bestselling The Piano publication deals sincere and impartial cost info. For these available in the market for a brand new piano, this complement pays for itself time and again over through providing higher peace of brain and comfort whereas buying the most dear customer purchases they are going to make.

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Eisenberg” is a new, lower-priced line from Steinberg, made in cooperation with other European factories. Eisenberg will start shipping in fall of 2003. The former 48" Steinberg model C2, with a simpler cabinet and a different soundboard than the other Steinberg models, is expected to be part of the new line. At press time, prices and models were not yet firm. STEINER, BERNHARD Samick is no longer making pianos under this name. de Steingraeber has a new 8' 9" concert grand, model E-272 (price not available).

3,330. 3,430. 3,430. 2,910. 2,990. 3,590. 3,790. 3,790. 3,970. 4,070. 4,070. 4' 7" 4' 7" 4' 7" 5' 5' 5' 5' Polished Ebony Polished Mahogany Polished White Polished Ebony Polished Mahogany Polished White Louis XIV Polished Ebony 7,750. 7,950. 7,950. 8,410. 8,610. 8,610. 9,690. Becker, J. Verticals A-121 A-121 A-121 A-121 A-122 A-122 A-122 A-122 A-122 Grands GP-155M Behning Verticals BE-109 BE-109 BE-112D BE-112D BE-112D BE-112T BE-112T BE-116 BE-116 BE-116 BE-119D BE-119D BE-119D Grands BE-142 BE-142 BE-142 BE-152 BE-152 BE-152 BE-152L 54 Model Size Style and Finish BE-152Q BE-162 BE-162 BE-162 BE-172 BE-172L BE-172L BE-172L BE-182 5' 5' 4" 5' 4" 5' 4" 5' 8" 5' 8" 5' 8" 5' 8" 6' Queen Anne Polished Mahogany Polished Ebony Polished Mahogany Polished White Polished Ebony Louis XIV Polished Ebony Louis XIV Polished Mahogany Louis XIV Polished White Polished Ebony Price* 9,690.

Although not rated in The Piano Book, Wilh. Steinberg pianos, both grand and vertical, are well made and would probably be rated in Group 2. Correction: The Piano Book says that the Wilh. Steinberg grand is identical to the Steingraeber grand. Although the Steinberg grand evolved from the Steingraeber, unlike the Steingraeber, the Steinberg has a duplex scale, as well as a different method of rim construction and a different bridge design. “Eisenberg” is a new, lower-priced line from Steinberg, made in cooperation with other European factories.

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