By Charles Edward Barns

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D'J:t' a. [gIHI1223 • J J' 150 I I I I I I \:>0' $$50/54035 J015201510 5 South and east, a veritable wonder-zone I *3-4 2-3 *74 yrs, Spc. F 5· 01:1544 1126600:7-8. 5. HV46 110556 Neb. region in excelsis ! R CULMINATION 9 P. '- 65 115146 Tr. 3-9. 3. Chart 12-B HI 194 112144 Neb. Large, oblong, . 2. 4. HI2l9sp. / 1830 Groombridge 114738 Mag. 6. "1 'i. Dist. 71 y. persec. Speed of this APR. 015105 I I \I \ ~ \~:O \_1 ~: I I I I -7 i "if II:,~ ~ "Runaway Star" eLJual to our moon's circuit of the earth in twO minutes; yet at a distance of two million astronomical units, apparently moves a moon's breadth in 300 yrs.!

Draw around it a circle 164 feet in diameter place upon it a mustard-seed-which represents Mercury. d this circle another, diameter 284 feet, and place upon it pea to represent Venus. Still another circle, 430 feet in diam· • and upon it another pea-the Earth. Mars, represented a large pinhead, takes a circle 654 feet; Jupiter, represented au. oran,e, takes a circle half a mile across; Saturn, a tiny ge. " To continue, if this same level field were located here in the central part of Kansas, the nearest star to our -Alpha Centauri-would be located more than 8000 miles -somewhere, let us say, off the Australian coast.

2. OI4. 226Iy. K2. ASTRONOMICAL PROGRESS. Be not under the delusion that in astronomy-any more than in any other field of man's interest and endeavor-everything -1 -2 il fixed and settled. Controversy is in the air and camps are divided into partisan groups in stellar research as in the domain of politics, theo}oKY or social science. It was so in the time of Hipparchus, of Copernicus, of Newton and Le Verrier: it will be so till the end of time. Even now there are groups conspiring to pull down what have been long regarded as the 5- 5 i- 6 1= 7 basic fundamentals; and textbooks of a past generation are receiving such drastic revision as to make the dictum of a decade gone as obsolete as astrology.

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